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William Shenton 1887-1963 Northampton Mercury – Friday 20th May 1904

Northampton Mercury – Friday 20th May 1904


ACCIDENT- On Monday morning, as William Shenton, a youth employed by the Great Central Railway Company, was cycling round Eydon, and on returning down Barnett’s Hill, a very dangerous declivity, and at which several cycling accidents have happened, he lost control of his machine and was unable to get round the very sharp corner, with the result that he ran into the wall and received a very nasty incised wound on the face, necessitating nearly a dozen stitches. As is the case in many such accidents, he was riding without a brake. After being in violent contact with the wall he was naturally very much shaken, but managed to get to the nearest house, to occupants of which kindly conveyed him home, where he was placed under the care of Dr. Hayes. The injured youth is progressing favourably.

Northampton Mercury – Friday 20th May 1904

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