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William Shenton 1855-1913 Leeds Mercury Saturday 28th November 1891

William Shenton

William was the engine driver of a Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR) goods train involved in a serious railway accident at Sandal, just south of Wakefield.

Leeds Mercury Saturday 28th November 1891

An accident of a serious nature occurred last night on the Great Northern Railway at Sandal, near Wakefield. Owing to the prevalence of a dense fog, two goods trains came into collision, and the result was that both lines were blocked. But little information could be obtained at Leeds, the telegraphic communication having been interrupted by the accident, but our reporter was informed at the Central Station that at the time of the accident the London passenger express conveying the mails, and due in Leeds at  ten o’clock, was approaching Sandal, and there having been no time to warn the driver of the break down he ran into the Guards Van, which, with a waggon, blocked the down line. It is probable that, owing to the fog, the express was not running at the usual rate of speed at the time, and that the collision was less severe than it would have been under ordinary circumstances. The Guard’s van however, was smashed, and the engine of the express was thrown off the metals. It was stated that none of the passengers had been hurt, though many were probably more or less severely shaken. Further details were rather anxiously awaited as midnight approached, and still the passengers and mails had not reached Leeds. At twenty-five minutes to twelve information was received at Leeds that a special train had left Westgate, Wakefield, conveying the passengers to their destination. This reached Leeds at midnight, having been delayed by the Fog.

Leeds Mercury Saturday 28th November 1891