Tuesday 12 May 2015

William Shenton 1855-1913 Accident Report Great Central Railway 1913

I HAVE the honour to report for the information of the Board of Trade that, in accordance with the Order of December 3rd, I have held an inquiry into the circumstances attending the accident which occurred on October 31st, at Sheffield, on the Great Central Railway, whereby engine-driver William Shenton was fatally injured.
About 5.45 p.m. Shenton was walking from the passenger station to the engine-shed by way of the line. He was accompanied for a portion of the distance by fireman Walter Edwards, who left the line at Bridgehouses to proceed to his home. About 6.20 p.m., engine-driver George Bull, who was walking along the line from the station to the engine-shed, found Shenton lying just outside the up line about 450 yards east of No. 1 signal cabin. Shenton had sustained fatal injuries.
No one witnessed the accident, but it is probable that he was struck by the engine of the 4 p.m. passenger train from Manchester to Sheffield, which passed a down passenger train between No. 1 and No: 2 signal cabins.
A notice is posted in the engine shed prohibiting enginemen from •:walking between the station and engine-shed by way of the line, and the accident was due to a breach of this notice on the part of Shenton. I have no reason to believe that breaches of this instruction have hitherto been overlooked by the officials of the Company, but the fact should be noted that, Edwards, Bull and his fireman were all walking on the line contrary to instructions. It would appear that the notice which has hither to been taken of breaches of the instructions has not had sufficient effect, and the attention of the Company should be drawn to the point.
Shenton was on duty from 9.30 a.m. to 5.23 p.m. He should have booked off duty at the station at the latter time, but had neglected to do so.

I have. &c,

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