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Richard Shenton 1857-1923 Sheffield Daily Telegraph Monday 7th September 1896

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Monday 7th September 1896


In response to an invitation sent with the object of giving a start to a new branch of the above at Staveley, which is fast becoming a strong railway centre, Mr. Shuttleworth (organising secretary, of Leeds), Mr.S.Fox (Mexborough), Mr. Ullyet (Sheffield), and others, attended an open meeting in the Kasper’s Theatre, Crown Recreation Ground. Mr. Booth (M.S. and L. engine driver) occupied the chair, and besides other, upwards of 100 locomotive men were present. Mr Booth briefly explained the objects of the gathering, and introduced the speakers. Mr. Shuttleworth gave a very practical address. He reviewed the position of firemen, etc., during the past 30 years, from his own experience as a railway employee, and he contended, in regard to wages, etc., that things were now very unsatisfactory. Comparing firemen with bricklayers’ labourers, he was of opinion that the improvement in the former’s position was much behind the times. He urged combination, and alluded to the obstacles put in the way by their divisions. After alluding to theoretical examinations, to electricity, and to the important question of eyesight of the men, he advocated working altogether for the practical reforms so much needed and was followed by Mr. Ullyet, who spoke on trades unionism, and the practical working and benefits gained for the men by the society he represented. Referring to the Amalgamated Society of Railway servants, he severely criticised the management, expenditure, etc. His remarks were much applauded. Mr. Fox followed on the same lines. The Amalgamated Railwaymen found a stout champion in Mr. R. Shenton, a Staveley branch officer, who spoke at length. Mr. Ullyet read extracts from the “Railway Review.” Etc., to substantiate his statements, and after a vote of thanks to the several speakers, an interesting and protracted meeting of nearly three hours was brought to a close. It is proposed to hold a further gathering shortly.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Monday 7th September 1896

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